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This site chronicles my work up to 2009 only.

I am currently Director of Digital Customer Experience at the Scotiabank Digital Factory in Toronto

information architecture

information architecture


There has been a lot of discussion about what exactly information architecture is. These conversations have been primarily around the What, rather than the Who. But who are these people? Where do they come from? And why?

Will the real information architect please stand up?

interaction design

interaction design


From websites to intranets, microsites, web applications and kiosks, I collaborate with business strategists, as well as creative, usability and technology specialists to craft interactive experiences that deliver value to clients and their customers.

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information design



I have worked on a wide range of design projects, from touch screen kiosks and web applications to research and information design for the chapter on Information Technology in Understanding USA, edited by Richard Saul Wurman.

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auto biography


When is it worth saving and when is it just over? And what if there's the possibility of another one, a better one? Or, at least, least a different one. My short film, auto biography, is the story of my life, as told through my cars.

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