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Things you won't find in my resume

I've done a wide variety of things that either look totally random (and possibly ridiculous) or could just be the ideal preparation for becoming a user experience designer:

The real story

Whenever I used to meet a fellow IA we inevitably engage in what a colleague describes as "the story exchange." IAs are nothing if not curious (and a bit skeptical) - especially about each other - so we like to know what people did before they were IAs, what led them to it and why, how long they have been doing it, and for/with whom. I took an informal survey of my peers in the and incorporated the results into my talk:

Will the Real Information Architect Please Stand Up?

A true story

auto biography combines digital video production, animation, motion design and sound (including voice, music and effects) to construct a personal narrative about my life in a series of chapters based on each of the cars I have owned.


* As seen in auto biography

auto biography

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